Friday, November 24, 2006

Discussion of AIM Meeting

A meta-discussion of our discussion, a ramble if you will (even if you won't) about the medium, benefits, and drawbacks seen upon my reflection about our Tuesday class discussion. ALSO: note that I found a free server that provides 2GB of storage for files such as these. I've moved all of my podcast files to that directory. So far as I know, the links are as follows. Any problems, please let me know: - home directory of the podcasts this plus the filenames below should take you to them:

/pc-112406.mp3 - today's
/pc-111006.mp3 - Nov. 10
/pc-117.mp3 - Nov. 7
/berg-1024.mp3 - audio from 10/24/06
/ - vidcast from same.



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