Friday, November 24, 2006

Discussion of AIM Meeting

A meta-discussion of our discussion, a ramble if you will (even if you won't) about the medium, benefits, and drawbacks seen upon my reflection about our Tuesday class discussion. ALSO: note that I found a free server that provides 2GB of storage for files such as these. I've moved all of my podcast files to that directory. So far as I know, the links are as follows. Any problems, please let me know: - home directory of the podcasts this plus the filenames below should take you to them:

/pc-112406.mp3 - today's
/pc-111006.mp3 - Nov. 10
/pc-117.mp3 - Nov. 7
/berg-1024.mp3 - audio from 10/24/06
/ - vidcast from same.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Assessing the product

Here I respond to something Adam and Chris said about assessing the product when your students are as knowledgeable or more knowledgeable in a technology you're using than you yourself are. I bring in my own experience teaching professional writing to ask some questions about the ethical implications of this.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Communication and Technology

In this podcast I briefly review the readings for this week with past discussions in mind. You may want to fast forward to the end to hear the questions for the iTunes/iPod focus that I have contributed this week.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Starting from the ground up

Since I'm doing this so late, I decided to make my audio thoughts be a bridge between our discussion last week and the upcoming readings for this week. In it, I tried to provide us with a foundation that we can hopefully use to move forward on as we try to successfully integrate technology into our classrooms.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

CXC Response

This is a sort of free-flowing response to the topics we addressed as a class - not so much about the readings, but about the questions and discussion we had.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Digital digs: an archeology of the future

The link above is to Alex Reid's blog. I have been keeping an eye on this blog since my second year at Michgan State. Early on he had done some work with podcasts around the time I was working on my own portfolio based podcast. A variety of topics are explored. In partcular you will want to focus on the ongoing comments on iTunes U.

Here are some of the specific posts:
10/6/06 (morning)
10/6/06 (afternoon)

Critical awareness

In considering both the podcasts and some of the posts here I wanted to echo an interest in critical awareness of technology among students. Christian addresses some of the visual aspects that remind me of a conversation I had recently. The premise is something like this.

As an instructor I do not consider myself and expert in the variety of technologies students are interacting with. Considering that my knowledge and credentials focus on increasingly specific areas, how can I bring the type of critical awareness many of the readings this past week seem to encourage? In other words, do we need expertise to ask our students to explore various technologies in educational settings?

I think this question connects very well with some of the educational environment discussions we have had. For example, what type of classroom does the notion of expert instructor encourage? Just some of my thoughts. Going to post here soon with the link to the blog I mentioned.